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Documents are all a numbers game.
Mitigate risk for your business through a strong compliance and cybersecurity foundation. I write your business documents and analyze your business process by blending brand and culture across policies, procedures, and records management. Organize your numbers game for the future, now.
Records Management

Let me teach you the importance of organizing and setting up records management.

Visual Narratives

Transform technical guides, instructional manuals, and policy/procedures into visual narratives.

Custom Projects

Not every project fits in a box, let's talk about what you need.

Creating visual brand-powered documentation & records management.


I had the pleasure of working with Morgan Harrell at Apollo Endosurgery in Austin, TX. She joined my team as a Data Analyst at a time when we were implementing new systems and processes and had very little guidelines to get her started. But she kept her focus and worked methodically to understand her responsibilities and quickly got up to speed with the systems, business processes and data model. Her attention to details is very impressive and so are her work ethics. She is very self-driven and took the initiative to document a lot of the complex processes at Apollo. She is a great team player, brings in a very positive attitude to the table and always willing to help a coworker. All this combined with her deep knowledge and experience makes her an asset to any team.  

Sanjay Sankar Previously IT Development Manager

Morgan has developed a resource that wraps both the risk-based location selection process and randomization guidelines for our programs, combining the multiple documents we have previously developed.

Kerri Cowlisha, Texas department of agriculture

I have found her instrumental to our work unit in defining procedures, writing instructional materials, and researching answers to particular tax issues. - Dan Osborne, Tax Examiner III

She undertook several initiatives on her own including documenting the policy and procedures of various departmental projects. - Bruce Nelson, Manager of Tax Policy

Morgan, on her own initiative, created detailed "how to" documents for most of her job duties, including record retention, responding to open records requests, hiring temporary employees, reserving conference rooms, time slips, and many more functions. These documents were thorough, organized and, in appropriate cases, included "screen shots" of the various computer screens used when performing tasks. Morgan undertook the significant task of revamping the division's tax forms review process. The division administers hundreds of tax forms. These forms must be organized, categorized, and tracked in order to ensure their information is current and any changes are timely made. Morgan revamped this complex process into a more efficient and accurate process. Morgan successfully organized a massive effort to collect, organize, categorize, and copy division records in response to an open record request. The request involved tens of thousands of documents and presented difficult organizational challenges. Morgan created detailed computer spreadsheets to categorize the many elements of the documents. She successfully organized tasks and assistants to solve complicated organizational problems and to manage a substantial workload. Morgan performed beyond expectations and was a valuable member of the staff. - Neil Tillquist, Director, Tax Payer Services Division

Colorado department of revenue

Morgan has consistently strived to improve her knowledge and her skill sets by learning the process required to manage customers' data files. She has consistently shown herself to be a team player. I have observed her reaching out to senior team members to acquire expertise, only to share her own knowledge and experience with new team members who have followed.

tom beardmore, senior support engineer, dell, inc.