Here are my favorite projects I have enjoyed doing.
Data and Maps for Drive a Senior Central Texas

I sit on the Board of Directors for Drive a Senior Central Texas. I pulled data from the City of Austin to find the number of seniors who live in Austin. I organized the data by zip code and age groupings. I also added the number of seniors who are caregivers to family members per zip code. The data was presented in a table and in maps.

"This is great data. I love it!!" - Nicole Sarker, CFRE, Executive Director, Drive a Senior Central Texas
Texas Department of Agriculture BatchGeo instruction

I was a data analyst for Consumer Protection Division. With limited resources, I found creative ways to present data with free tools. I analyzed pesticide data and found two main ingredients that caused the majority of complaints for illness-glyphosate and 2,4-d. I created a presentation from the data analysis with mapping to show areas of concentrations in correlation to agricultural fields and private homes where drift increased the pesticide concentrations. The Batchgeo instruction guide was created to show the use of the software with data presentation.

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Research and writing for educational purpose

I wrote for Origins Scientific Research Society and presented the Editor in Chief with a military magazine for a special November 11 issue. I took the opportunity to interview and present various military related topics. I chose people that gave a unique perspective to military events from my professional network.

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For the love of math

I have a passion for mathematics and wanted to share the beauty of fractals with readers. My time with Origins Scientific Research Society inspired me to create my own e-magazine and interactive web page The Ruby Bird. I am in the early stages of development, but the idea is to present historical research, scientific fact and biblical text to present a well rounded study of a topic.

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Powerpoint story of an honor society

I was a member and officer of a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and the Alpha Gamma Pi Alumni Association. My involvement in this society was the best experience for academic support and personal growth of all my college experiences. I created this PowerPoint for the organization to showcase what we do and why. I chose the leaf and color scheme to express the life and vibrancy of everyone involved. Years later this presentation is still meaningful to me and holds a special place in my portfolio.

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